Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CCSA London Final Projects, 2014

Joey and Catherine walking across Tower Bridge
 on the way to the Tower Bridge Museum

A day at Canterbury, including a visit to the cathedral
The "Great Exhibitions" course has, officially, ended! Students travelled to London and the south of England from Dec. 26—Jan. 8, 2014 learning about museum collections in Southern England, including London and Oxford as well as historic sites such as Bath and Stonehenge. We encountered the spaces of museums directly and critically analyzed the history of museums through daily visits in leading institutions and site visits to smaller venues that showcased a range of collecting practices from curiosity to conceptual as well as theoretical practices.

For their summative projects, students were asked to prepare a project of their own choosing that reflected some aspect of the trip. These projects were completed and submitted recently. A glimpse of them is below. 

Alex's scrapbook recounting our voyages and site visits

Katy's scrapbook recounting our voyages and site visits
Brittanie's digital drawing of one of her adventures with her twin

Brooke's view of Stonehenge

Mallory's painting of the cityscape 

Joe's powerpoint focusing on London as a museum

Hayley's musings on Doctor Who

one of Zach's drawings
Joey gave an oral presentation on the Battle of Waterloo.
While I don't have pictures of his battle maps and plans, I thought this
painting  by William Sadler would suffice as an illustration.
Rebecca's recap of The Cartoon Museum

Miranda's visualization of Stonehenge

Page's digital bookshelf (using Photoshop)

part Justina's surveillance project

a page from Melanie's blurb book 

Thank you to all of the students who went on this trip!  My hope is that you had a wonderful experience learning about museums, collections, and contexts of display. 

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