Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Senior Thesis

Hello readers!

My name is Mallory Meisner and I am a senior Studio Art major. This is only 1 of many posts to follow leading up to my senior show in March and through out the rest of the semester.
 JackAss Hill- Denver, CO

I have found my inspiration through my travels over the past six months. Traveling to me feels like an escape from the routine of every day life. When I travel, near or far, I am usually drawn to finding views that are vast and have a way of making you feel small. I have seen a majority of these views out west in my home state of Colorado, but have surprisingly found them in places I didn’t expect. There is something that is both refreshing and rejuvenating to me about standing in a vast space (usually in nature) where I feel completely emerged in the space. I enjoy the contrasting feelings of being in a spot that is so peaceful and simple yet overwhelming in detail. I enjoy the feeling of being totally immersed in space; how being alone has a way of heightening sounds and detail.

For my work, I hope to create a vast landscape that makes the viewer feel immersed in the piece. It will be a long "L" shaped mix media piece that will be mounted on the wall at eye level. It will be a long range of views, layered with wood veneer and other materials to create depth, that have been thought up in my mind from collaborating memories and will not be specific replicated views. 

Here are some artists that have moved me thus far...

-Matt Wisniewski 

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