Thursday, February 20, 2014

What's Happening this Week

There are couple of fun things happening in the Cochenour Gallery this week.

On Thursday from 4-7pm the Georgetown Main Street Group is hosting Love Your Downtown. In an effort to work more with the college, this community development group have invited students, faculty and staff, the ENTIRE police force, and even the Mayor to come together and chat about Downtown Georgetown.

Don't miss this event! There will be cookies, Nexus credit, and an opportunity to voice your opinion on what YOU would like to see happen Downtown!


On Friday from 12-2pm, again in the Cochenour Gallery, photographer Tim McCoy's exhibit Sanctuary will open. Mr. McCoy's photographs involves a radical re-framing of reality. Meaning is often determined as much as by what is "cut" from the framing of the images as it is by those elements that are revealed in detail. He has largely excluded human figures, although humanity is alluded to through the cultural icons and remnants shown. Thus, the focus is on what people leave behind rather than the evanescence of contemporary culture. Hope you can make it! Also a Nexus event and... cookies!

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Earl Grey said...

It was such a wonderful treat to have Tim visit this week. Thank you, Tim, for sharing your life and work with us. (PS: love the Madonna print the best!)