Friday, February 7, 2014

Senior Thesis

Hello, my name is Miranda and I am a senior studio art major.  These fine young chaps, are just a couple of ole buddies of Mallory and I, they were stoked to see us.Totally kidding, I just thought they might lighten the mood for you!


To say I am excited about my work, would be incorrect quite honestly.  As I write, my mind is literally torn between two ideas, both along the same lines, just a few changes, here and there.  Over the past year, I, along with the other nine seniors, have been brainstorming, researching, making stuff, staying up really late, and maybe shedding a few tears along the way (or in my case...thousands), nonetheless we have been working to reach a final goal, Senior Art Show.  It has been a long process so far, but were really just now getting to the true heart of everything, the last piece.  With the show opening in less than two months (ah!) we are all finalizing our ideas, and taking our sketchbooks and turning them into reality.  For me, I've had to use this as a therapy in a way.  My portion of the show deals with myself and the battle I fight everyday, with depression.  I'm not going to lie, that was a little scary to have to actually write out.  Everyone has their struggles, it just took me a really long time to admit mine.  It's a scary world inside my head, but it's time to deal with it.  I look forward to the upcoming weeks until the show opening, I've just got to make sure I make it there!

Check out Andrea Fraser in your free time.  I discovered the American based artist while I was visiting, Tate Modern in London.  The video installation that I viewed was Projection.  This is a still from the video on current display in Tate Modern. 

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Earl Grey said...

Miranda, I appreciate your courage in talking about your depression openly.
I know this piece by Fraser and can see its connections to your own work. It's amazing how we can find connections to art and artists in so many ways.
I look forward to talking with you further on Monday about your work!