Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Embracing Challenges

"Momentum," a light and sound show at The Curve, an art space at the Barbican Center in London.
Galleries are creating unconventional  spaces to showcase unusual exhibits.
Credit James Medcraft/Barbican 
What is an "unconventional" space? In the gallery world, unconventional usually means non-rectangular. Take a look at the space at Barbican, London. This area shown above was deemed a concourse (think airport) non-site yet it has become the hub of installations of late. Artists are drawn to the unusual space and take advantage of it. A former challenge is now embraced.

Here's a photo of the lavish interior of the Guggenheim.
I took this photograph last Winter at the Gutai exhibition.

Exterior of the Guggenheim, New York

An unconventional space that might be a bit more familiar comes from our art history survey textbooks...Frank Lloyd Wright's structure for the space that would become known as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum on New York's Upper East Side. Think of the Guggenheim as one piece of bread and the Met as the other—the slices of architecture embrace the natural environment of Central Park.

When it opened in 1959, the Guggenheim was deemed an eyesore because it was considered a work of (applied) art that could perhaps detract from the real art on view. Like the Barbican's space, the Guggenheim presented installation challenges — how to hang in a space that lacks 90-degree angles. But now, this New York gem is a coveted space for artists to use. Truly, artists of the modern and contemporary eras have risen to the challenge and embraced such overbearing structures and, as a result, have activated spaces in new ways.

Perhaps in a very short while, London's Barbican will become the kind of cultural icon that Solomon R.'s building has become.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Thanks to KLev for sharing this link with me. Artists working with chalk on a chalkboard in a rather stealth manner. Since a number of students have commented on the Chanel poster in my office, I thought this image would be of interest. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Majors Party 2014 pix

Thanks to everyone who came over on Thursday evening, May 1. It was a chilly one this year—meaning next year, it should be balmy! That's been our history: hot one year, cool the next.

It was great to see all of the faculty, families, students, and our special guest star alumni (Maddy and Hannah!!!) as well as special guest star students, Jaylin, Joey, and Travis. I didn't do a great job taking photos this year — I was too busy taking care of the grill. So I only have a few. But, hope you enjoy them. 

Good luck studying for finals and Happy Graduation to our seniors!
Time to catch up with old friends
Time to play some games and relax, too

Lots of toppings for the burgers and dogs...where's Kristin's cookies? :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cartoons go Bald for Good!

A project that started in Brazil is now going international: Bald Cartoons!

In an effort to make kids who have cancer feel more comfortable with the unfortunate affects of chemo therapy, a Brazilian campaign was imaged to take beloved children cartoons and make them bald. Cartoons now around the world will be getting a buzz.

These characters will air episodes with their locks buzzed for seemingly no reason. Just like a kid who has cancer. The characters don't have to explain their baldness to others. Everything continues as normal... just as it would for real kids.

Check out the NPR news article here.

According to Roberto Fernandez, executive creative officer at the ad agency Ogilvy Brazil, kids have already felt more comfortable at school and so have their peers.

It is amazing how a little less hair goes a long way!