Friday, March 30, 2012

.NO update

If you didn't have a chance to attend the much anticipated and much appreciated visiting artist lecture at the UofL last week, Hanneline Røgeberg chronicled what's at stake when an artist is "not fitting the content of one's time." (Munch) In a refreshing painter's vernacular she described her recent journey toward that which hits hard and heavy, in painting that is, likely to make believers out of sceptics and much to comfort us, the fellow-kunstmalers. A Big Thanks to the artist and to our colleagues at the UofL art department for organizing the talk!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Open Critique w/ Seniors this Friday

Please join us this Friday from 9:45–11:00 AM for an open critique in the Wilson Art Building with Art seniors Evy Fuson, April Jouett, Bess McHone, Dana Sabato, and Devon Stivers. They will be talking about their work, giving anyone and everyone a chance to ask questions about their plans for the upcoming Senior Exhibition.

Light breakfast refreshments will be provided!

See you there,

Opportunity: position in Lexington

*Part-Time Position* The Headley-Whitney Museum, 4435 Old Frankfort Pike, Lexington, has an
opening for a part-time, weekend position.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Congrats to Daniel Graham!!!

Yesterday, we learned that Daniel Graham has been awarded tenure and promotion. Congratulations to Daniel! Effective next year, Daniel will be known as Associate Professor Daniel Graham (promoted from Assistant) and will have been awarded tenure.

The term tenure means the condition of holding, as in making someone permanent (or as best as we can describe as permanent). To be awarded tenure means that the professor values the institution and finds the college a good fit; likewise, the institution values the faculty member and finds him a good fit for the department, college, and greater institution. In addition, Daniel has been promoted. He is the third of four tenure-able members of the department. Yay!

As many of you know, Daniel submitted his portfolio for review by the Faculty Committee this past January. Decisions on tenure and promotion are due out this spring. . . and Earl Grey has her ways of finding things out. Plus, she can keep a secret. So, a plan was enacted to help Daniel celebrate as soon as he found out the verdict on his tenure application. We covertly planned a little surprise party, with sparkling grape juice and cupcakes, in his honor. We needed him to have a reason to return to the building after learning the news from Provost Allen. It did take a little white lie to get Daniel back to the WAB yesterday afternoon (thanks, Darrell). But, it was all for a good cause. Thanks are due to Boris for his fantastic explanation of service, commitment, and cycling of faculty and tenure.

Celebrating with Daniel Graham
(Thanks to Evey for snapping these photos. Yes, they're staged, but we needed to document somehow!!!:).
When you see Daniel be sure to congratulate him on a job well done over these past six years. As a tenured faculty member, I welcome him into this rarified community. Congrats, Daniel. Keep up the fine work with our prospective students, current students, campus, and beyond. All best wishes!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

School's In!

Hooray--they're coming!  If you're like me, you enjoy talking about art with the next generation of students, especially when the subjects of discussion are on display in one of Georgetown College's three art galleries.  Happily, there are some school group tours coming up on March 28, April 12 and April 18. 
Garth Elementary 5th graders visiting the Jacobs Gallery, May, 2011
Art Tigers and others interested in helping with these and other group visits, please contact for more information.  Thanks for making the art department and galleries a fun and inspiring place for all ages!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Callum Cooper

Full Circle from Callum Cooper on Vimeo.

A fun video from artist Callum Cooper, an sculptor and video artists that uses his sculptures to create videos and vice versa. You can visit his website here to see more of his work.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quiet Reflection

Today the Elrod family visited campus and, particularly, the memorial to their son, Stephen. This sculpture was commissioned by the Elrods and created by Amanda Matthews in 2010. Every year the Elrod family comes to campus to manicure the garden and check on the sculpture. Near the sculpture a post contains information about the memorial and the life to which it pays tribute. I hope that as we enter spring you'll take time to enjoy this quiet, reflective spot on campus.

photo courtesy of Judy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Opportunities: Derby Art and Graphic Design Position



The Office of the Governor and the Kentucky Arts Council (KAC) invite all Kentucky artists to submit work for consideration in the annual Governor’s Derby Exhibit (April 25 – May 16, 2012).

The works selected for the exhibit will be on display in the Capitol Rotunda, available for viewing by all visitors to the Capitol.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chatype: A Typeface for Chattanoogo

We talked about typography in ART 234 today, a topic which I have found quite fascinating. Recently I heard about a project to develop a typeface for the city of Chattanooga, TN called "Chatype." It's very interesting to consider how a typeface might influence an entire city.

There are two videos, the one here describing the project and another that goes into the actual production of the typeface. Take a moment to watch if you get a chance.

Chatype: A Typeface for Chattanooga! from D + J on Vimeo.

May Photo Lecture @ UK Friday

The last Robert C. May Photography Lecture of the semester/year is this coming Friday at 4 PM in the Worsham Theater of the Student Center at UK, featuring Jerry Spagnoli.

Jerry Spagnoli

Exhibition: March 11 - April 15, 2012
Lecture: March 23, 4 PM

"Jerry Spagnoli has made a career of delving into the qualities that make photography such a strong and compelling of both art and communication. He employs a wide variety of photographic processes and his work has been influenced by such diverse pictorial traditions as Renaissance sculpture and German Romantic landscape painting. Spagnoli has become best known, however, for leading the contemporary revival of the daguerreotype, which was invented in the 1830s and produces a unique image on polished silver." quoted from UK Art Museum website.

Click HERE to read and find out more.

All exhibitions are in the Richard B. Freeman Gallery of the Art Museum
All lectures are held on Friday afternoons at 4 PM in the Worsham Theater of the UK Student Center
(Euclid Ave & Martin Luther King Blvd)
Exhibitions and lectures are Free

Above Image: New York Giants Tickertape Parade, February 7, 1012 by Jerry Spagnoli

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

things we care about

Have you seen it yet?  If not "it," then perhaps you've caught the t.v. commercial for the new iPad 3, touting its amazing "Retina display." The ad includes an image for what I can only guess is a touch-screen, picture paint app, shown below.  
Apple's recent ad struck me, not only because it mainstreams the notion that anyone (with the right technology) can make a painting, but also because of the narrator's closing statement alluding to the idea that now, because of a device with a screen "this good," you are suddenly able to capture "the things you care about."  While I have long been a supporter of the concept that there is an artist within each of us, this kind of blanket assertion causes me cringe to a bit.  Were we somehow previously not able to understand what we care about? I care that it often takes years of hard work for visual artists to hone their craft, and that looking at a two- or three-dimensional work of art is a completely different experience from seeing--and even touch-creating--a one-dimensional digital image.  

Tom Coates, Monday, Wash Day, oil on canvas, photo by Darrell Kincer
Speaking of other things to care about, such as actual paintings, bronzes, and works on paper, check out A Passionate Pursuit: The Milward Collection in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery.  A Reception is taking place this Friday, March 23, from 6-8PM.    

Monday, March 19, 2012

Art After Hours: 3/21 at the Horse Park & Scholarship Deadline 3/23/12 and Internship in CO

Art After Hours is a new program initiated last year by two young arts professionals in Lexington.
You'll see that their aim is to connect people in the arts. "Art After Hours is a free program that brings awareness of local art organizations to students, young art professionals and the young at heart. Participants get to know Lexington organizations, the staff and other art explorers. Each event includes a tour of the organization, networking opportunity and special activity."

The events usually run from 6-8 pm. I've been to a few of these events (and a student accompanied me to one of these at the Lyric Theatre). If you're interested in learning more about arts organizations (including performance as well as visual arts) and are open to meeting new people in these fields, then going to one of these would definitely be worth the time you spend.

I am posting the info for the next event here as a jpg, but you can find more info on Facebook. Please search there, if you're in that loop.

Hope to see you there!

cockroach control and humor

In my time in Graduate school I dabbled in the area of Autonomous Robotics. The area of study where programing, construction, creativity and natural research combine to create robotic technology that has changed the way we live. Anyhow, I recently saw this great little talk from a neuroscientist to a audience of high school students. Now when you have to give a talk to high school students you have to do two things to have a "successful" talk. 1) you must do something gross or crazy and 2) you have to use some sort of apple product. This guys does both by making a severed cockroach leg dance as he hooks it up to his ipod. Enjoy.

On another (related but not) note I have always found what people put up in their offices and on their doors facinating. Especially when it comes to humor. In that same Autonomous Robotics program I mentioned earlier I would always see calvin and hobbes comic strips cut out and taped to office and lab doors. I like calvin and hobbes as much as the next person but they always seemed to treasure the ones that were not funny. But these were odd folks to begin with. I find it amusing to go into the ITS department on Georgetown Colleges campus and see the comics on the wall and how they relate to the people there. Below is an image I came across a bit ago and just laughed out loud. This would be something that the people of autonomous robotics or ITS would not find funny.

Chair descending a staircase.
(note: If you miss the joke make sure to look at Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 by Marcel Duchamp and One and Three Chairs, by Joseph Kosuth.)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Culture Wars

Art is not a luxury; art is a precondition to success in a world increasingly driven by creativity and innovation … Investing in arts and cultural institutions … can be the economic equivalent of bringing a manufacturing plant to a neighborhood and — from a cultural and quality-of-life standpoint — more than surpass it.
-- Luis Ubiñas, president of the Ford Foundation on the philosophy of creative placemaking. See info here.

Times are tough, there's no question about that. Listen in on conversations with peers, colleagues, and others both on and off campus.

It may seem easier to cut back funding entirely rather than invoke austerity measures that would enable programs (in this case, the arts) to continue.

But, those of us in the arts, and others who benefit from them, see the greater good in sustaining such programs. This is a topic that we've engaged recently in my New Museum Theory course.

Take our gallery programs and exhibition schedule. The current exhibition "A Passionate Pursuit: The Milward Collection" has brought in folks from the region who have never visited our gallery or our campus. I met a few such ladies this afternoon when I popped in during Spring Break briefly. I am thrilled that this exhibition offers something of interest for these individuals. And, I hope it offers something for you, also.

Next month, we'll usher in the senior projects from five graduating art majors and one student who is pursuing an area major in Cultural Studies. These six students will fill both galleries with work that is new, fresh, and (hopefully) pushing themselves toward excellence.

But, we have myriad events tied to both courses and galleries. As evidenced by the photos above, taken from events over the past two years. These give visual witness to coursework, site visits from area middle schools, gallery openings and receptions, and artists' talks.

It's interesting to think of the arts as an incubator in much the same that an industrial plant fuels a city. Imagine the capacity for power if we could collaborate more, reach broader audiences, and cross-pollinate both on campus and with those in our community?

Read the full article from where the quote was taken here. Thanks to KLev for pointing me to this article:) Yep, she's another art history major who's MAKING ART WORK, as in MAKING (that) ART (degree) WORK (for her)!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Celebrating Irene Corey

In case you missed it, here are some images from the March 8 opening reception and NEXUS dialogue event for Visual Theatre: Celebrating Irene Corey, an exhibition on view in the Cochenour Gallery through April 1, 2012.
Carolyn Johnson, Sis Curry and Maribeth Hambrick share memories of artist and theatre pioneer Irene Corey.

Sis Curry, Horace Hambrick and Maribeth Hambrick enjoying the reception after the dialogue event.

Carolyn Johnson speaking with art history student Elizabeth Metcalf.

Friday, March 9, 2012

spring celebration

In addition to the art on view at last evening's Opening Reception for the Cochenour exhibition, Visual Theatre: Celebrating Irene Corey, a beautiful flower arrangement from Mary and James McCormick was on display.  Thank you to all the collectors who made the exhibition possible:  Sis Curry, Maribeth and Horace Hambrick, Carolyn Johnson, and Mary and James McCormick! 
More photos from the evening will appear in Tuesday's blog post, so keep an eye out and ENJOY SPRING!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summer Workshops

If you have never considered it, you might look into the possibility of attending a summer workshop in art. There are two that often come to mind for my: Maine Media Workshops (Maine) and Sante Fe Photographic Workshops (New Mexico). Both have a strong emphasis in photography. I had the good fortune of attending a workshop at Maine a number of summers ago. It was educational, fun, beautiful and a great chance to meet and network with others, not to mention the lobster dinner at the end of the week.

Another reason to consider these opportunities is that they often employ college students to work as assistants throughout the summer. This would give you a great chance to learn and work alongside well-known artists.

I just found out about Anderson Ranch (Colorado) this year. They sent me a catalog and I was excited to see that they offer study in much more than photography, including ceramics, woodworking, painting, printmaking, children's programs, and more.

If you might have interest in one of these workshops, click on their links above or check out some of the catalogs I have in the drop box outside my office.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

more to come

Thanks to ALL who assisted with A Passionate Pursuit: The Milward Collection, including Devon Stivers and Daniel Cantu, who worked up to the last minute on the final details needed to make the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery shine.  Thanks also to Elizabeth Metcalf, whose graphic design skills were invaluable in the build up to the Opening Reception.  Speaking of which, 

the Rescheduled Reception date!
Tom Coates, Bob Ridges, Decoy Duck Maker, oil on canvas, 40" x 48", The Milward Collection, photo courtesy Darrell Kincer
And, there's more Art Galleries fun to come, including this week's Opening Reception and NEXUS Dialogue for Visual Theatre: Celebrating Irene Corey, taking place this THURSDAY, MARCH 8, from 5-7PM in the Cochenour Gallery.  See you there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Morning with the Milwards

Due to the cancellation of our opening and other scheduled events for Friday, March 2, we were unable to welcome the community to our galleries. However....

from left: gallerist Greg Ladd, Jan Crouch, Luanne Milward, John Milward, and Earl Grey

this morning I met with John and Luanne to show them the exhibition featuring works from their collection, "A Passionate Pursuit: The Milward Collection." We were accompanied by Greg Ladd, owner of Cross Gate Gallery (thank you, Greg for coming in from Florida for this visit!), and Jan Crouch, our college's First Lady and host for our reception (scheduled for last night, but to be rescheduled). Intern Julie Jones, class of 2010, and her beau Tyler joined us as well.

We enjoyed a look around together and came up with a few ideas for additional events to host in the coming weeks, including the re-scheduled exhibition opening and reception as well as a guided tour of this collection with Greg Ladd. Students in the course "The Art of Collecting" will be interested in these events particularly. And, props were given to the students for their research thus far on the artists and works in the show.

Stay tuned for further details about more Milward events.

PS: Thanks to prospective student, Emily, and her family for joining us this morning as well.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Opportunity: Present your Research

Transylvania University Student Government Association will be hosting an undergraduate intercollegiate cross-disciplinary research symposium on March 31st. Students from Centre, Berea, and Georgetown College are invited to the event. Please find attached an abstract submission formand general information regarding the symposium. We would like to encourage you to inform any students who would be interested in participating in the event. The application deadline for the event is March 15. For further information please contact our Academic Affairs Chair, Kayarash Karimian, at Thank you for your time in advance.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Final Call: Milward Installation

There's plenty more to do in finalizing the installation of "A Passionate Pursuit: The Milward Collection"; however, the final painting was hung on Wednesday evening. Many thanks to Portia, Terrell, and Devon for assisting Laura, Bill, and me with the installation this evening.

The exhibition is the second installment in our "Year of the Collector" exhibition and event series. The first was the installation of works from the estate of June Daves McCandless, class of 1937, curated by Hannah Snider (class of 2011). The next event will be the exhibition celebrating the life and art of Irene Corey. Area collectors will gather to share their stories of this artist and former GC faculty member next Thursday, March 8. That event is part of the Women's History Month celebration as well. Following this, further events are planned.

Join us on Friday evening from 6-8 p.m. as we welcome John and Luanne Milward and their family to the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery. Stop by the gallery this Friday to meet Mr. Milward and to share his passion for collecting! If you need more information, read Caitlin's article in the Georgetonian here.