Friday, February 7, 2014


I am always inspired and excited when it comes to installation art. I am taken back by the complexity of most of them...especially this piece! This intricately carved wooden cube could easily stand alone as a sculpture. Then you simply add a light source inside the cube and it takes over the entire room creating an interactive installation piece. In my work for senior thesis I am working toward making the viewer part of the piece, which Intersections by Anila Quayyum Agha does.

Through my work I hope to lift your spirits and make you look up. Look up to see what you are a part of. Sometimes things seem rough but you must figure out how to smooth out those rough patches. This may seem vague at the moment but with each weekly blog post you get another little hint as to what you will be a part of in March!

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Earl Grey said...

I hope you've been able to work with Crystal Wager, our visiting artist this week. Her installation is coming together and I've been enamored by the little glimpses I get walking toward the end of the hall. I can't wait for her show to open today @ noon!