Monday, February 24, 2014

"Butt Music from Hell" and Dumb Starbucks

So interesting things happening in the world of Art History and Research this week. A student named Ameila (see her blog HERE) Oklomhoma Christian University has played a hidden piece of music that has not been heard in 500 years. Her and a friend were studying the famed Hieroymus Bosch triptych "Garden of Early Delights" (seen below, click for larger version)...

when they saw something. A song written across the bare buttocks of a man in the Hell portion (far right) of the painting.

And one of my favorite sections just for kicks. I have always loved this painting. 

Anyhow, this student translated the music and recorded it. So now you can hear the song that has not been played for hundreds of years. Also it is to have been said the music was put in the painting as penance or that the song is supposed to open the gates of Hell… interesting stuff either way. 

Now for Dumb Starbucks. 
Saw this the other day and laughed out loud. An artist opened a business in LA called "Dumb Starbucks". It is identical to the real starbucks but just has the word dumb before everything. He is actually a Perfomance artist and has registered it as a Gallery so the coffee you are buying is actually art. Have a read HERE. Lots of Fun. 

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