Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Currency, Artist's Reception, Friday, 5–7 PM

Photographic Works by Darrell Kincer
Artist's reception Friday, February 28, 5–7 PM
Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery in the Kentucky Employees Credit Union
100 More Drive, Frankfort, 

The snow has melted at last!  And just in time:  this week marks the final few days of our exhibition "Currency" by photograper and Georgetown College art professor Darrell Kincer, capped off with a closing reception for the artist this Friday, February 28, from 5:00 until 7:00pm.  So, if you haven't made it in to see this show yet there is still time; and if you have, now's your chance the meet the artist and mingle with art-loving friends.  (And for the many photograpers among you, this is a chance to find out how Darrell works his amazing darkroom magic to create these images.)

As the exhibition title suggests, "Currency" features silver gelatin prints of imagery and iconography from U.S. dollar bills.  Not only does this show highlight the artistry of engraving in these familiar objects (well, at least I'm familiar with the lower denominations), but by calling attention to whom and what we choose to honor on our money, these pictures raise questions about our national history and mythology.  (For instance, one viewer has already called attention to the lack of women in these images.  Time that Lady Liberty had some company!)  In short, it does what art is supposed to do, both delighting and provoking.

GALLERY DIRECTIONS:  There’s a map of our location on our gallery web site at  We're located in the lobby of Kentucky Employees Credit Union, just off the East-West Connector (Hwy 676) at Glenns Creek Road.  Coming from the west end, take the E-W Connector from US127 and turn right at the first stoplight after you cross the river; from the east end, take the E-W Connector from US60 and turn left at the second stoplight.  Coming from elsewhere in Frankfort, turn onto Martin Luther King Blvd from East Main and cross through the intersection with the E-W Connector.  Any way you come, the entrance to the credit union (Moore Drive) will be ahead on your left.

For more information (or better directions!) call Broadstone at (502) 223-4415 or KECU at (502) 564-5597.

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Earl Grey said...

Hope it was a success! I missed your reception due to the opening of the ENID show at Transy and am bummed I didn't get to see the show, since it closes today. But, congrats nonetheless, Darrell.