Friday, February 14, 2014

Senior Thesis Update

Hey guys! So I have been really busy this week with a lot of stuff but fear not I have been diligent in my efforts for senior thesis. So far I have finished editing and combing through what I have so far and have been editing my art historian statement and resume and mainly been doing this:
But mainly I have been focused on my thesis. Also I have finally collected the last of my resources and have reached the thirty source mark! Yay! So this mean that I'll be going through them and applying them to the   remainder of the paper to finish up for my conclusion and hopefully not sound like this:

Aside from that I feel that I'm on schedule for this month and looking to have a finished first full draft of my thesis by next week. So that's what's been going on this week, good luck to my fellow seniors and a Happy Valentine's Day too.

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