Saturday, January 11, 2014

Learning in London, part 2

My "Great Exhibitions" course took 6 GC students and our 10 new friends from schools in Kentucky and Tennessee throughout London and southern England, including Wiltshire, Somerset, and Dover. We were abroad from Dec. 26 through January 8 and were able to experience a variety of exhibitions, collections, and museums. Final projects are due later this semester.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in getting abroad and learning experientially! Special thanks to the folks at CCSA, who provide opportunities for faculty to teach abroad. Maggie, Robin, and everyone else — thank you!

Here's a few additional photos from our excursions. For earlier photos, click here.
Arrival in London—greeted by our mini-van drivers for
transport to the Courthouse Hotel.
Students: what's the address of the Courthouse? Refer to Quiz 1!

In the city of London for our sightseeing tour. 

On the Tube en route to the Museum of London—
our first museum, exhibition, and collection to visit as a class.

Earl Grey at Tate Britain, where we saw "Art Under Attack" and the permanent collection.

On the train to Oxford. En route, we faced showers and
were rewarded with an amazing double rainbow.

Taking in the Ashmolean's cast gallery. 

We took the Tube to St. Paul's and walked the Millennium Bridge
 to the Globe and Tate.

We sat in The Globe and learned about the history of this re-created space and the efforts
taken by Sam Wanamaker to bring this place to fruition.
We also learned quite a bit about Elizabethan theatre, sets and designs,
before taking in the exhibition about these topics.

That caption comes via Gerard at The Globe. :)

At Tate Modern, we were enchanted (well, okay, I was, at least!) by Gerhard Richter's artist room.

Ellsworth Kelly was compared, by Page, with color blocking in fashion.
Great observation.

At the British Museum, we studied the Parthenon Marbles
and were able to handle medieval objects in gallery 2.  Our textbook talks about
an "aura" of an artifact. Does that aura still exist, even after handling? 

On the "people-movers" in Philly's airport and
making the best of our missed flight and delay.

Our trip has ended, but we'll get together again, soon:)

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