Friday, February 14, 2014

Senior Thesis: Update 02

Hi everyone! This doesn't relate to my thesis necessarily, but I'm obsessed with clothes and of course, I love keeping up with Fashion Week. I was searching around YouTube for some of my favorite runway videos in general. I came upon this Chanel video from 2011/12 that combines influences from Paris and  Bombay. It results in some beautiful body jewelry, gorgeous colors, a fantastic runway, and really amazing silhouettes. You all should definitely check out this video! There are even some really cool dreads…

Karl is kind of scary, but he designs some really nice clothes. Also, Elie Saab can do no wrong: she quite literally creates the most beautiful dresses in the entire world. How can someone make fabric look like that!?

Happy Valentine's Day and have a good weekend!

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Ariel Sniegowski said...

I love using fashion as sources of inspiration in other mediums.

Just one nitpicky thing... Elie Saab is a man. A lebanese man to be precise.

His couture lines are always so romantic & drool worthy.