Friday, February 21, 2014

Senior Thesis Update

I can happily say that the first full draft of my thesis paper is FINISHED!!! I repeat my thesis, Coming Up on the Endgame, has a full rough draft complete!!!
Some of the books that made my thesis possible (Left to right): The Death of Art by Berel Lang, The Madonna of the Future by Arthur Danto, After the End of Art by Danto, and What Art Is by Danto.
So what does this mean now? Well now I must wait for feedback and NOT TOUCH IT for a at least a week. I will meet with people next week and get feedback as well get some peer evaluation next Thursday. After this I will go through and edit again. For now, however, I can briefly relax and focus on other things for the show such as stuff for the binder, finding images for the gallery, slides, and the thesis, and figure out text issues.


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I look forward to reading this and discussing with you next week:)