Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Senior Thesis: A Weekly Update

Hello all! I can't believe its already the 5th week of the semester! Its flown by. It seems like this week everyone is really stressed out and studying hard for quizzes/tests and working on projects (I know I am!)

Over the weekend, I was studying for a computer science exam and I happened to have the VH1 music video countdown on in the background and a song that I have been listening to a  lot lately came on and 30 seconds into the video I was completely amazed! Usually I am bored by most music videos these days but this one struck me as different and I really wanted to share it with all my lovely art fans! If you have seen it already, great! If not, enjoy! (Hopefully it will help you forget your stress for at least a little while!)

Capital Cities
Safe and Sound 

I hope you enjoyed that video! I just couldn't do my weekly update this week without including it (Random, I Know).

Id like to give everyone a glimpse of how my lessons last week turned out! I love the kids that I am working with and they love love love art! Last week I explained that my lesson for Tuesday afternoon was Watercolor Techniques. On Thursday, I taught a lesson on Landscapes where I told the kids about the parts of a Landscape (Foreground, Middle Ground, Background, and Horizon Line). I showed the students many examples of a well-known American artist, Grant Wood, who created many landscapes of the rural Midwest. Here are a couple of examples of student work:

Beautiful Fish!

Landscapes in the making!

A Golf Course Landscape!
I look forward to teaching my lessons this week and sharing an update with you next week!
Have a great week, don't get too stressed out!



Earl Grey said...

Great to see the kiddos' work.
Loved the video—I actually know this song! Thanks for sharing:)

Shelbs said...

Looks awesome Shelby! Earl Grey, I am super impressed!

Shelbs said...

Looks awesome Shelby! Earl Grey, I am super impressed!

Earl Grey said...

Aw, thanks Shelbs—I thought you would be impressed. And, I also heard a song by Lady Gaga called Applause that references Jeff Koons. :)