Monday, September 16, 2013

Quicksand Trip

Thought I would share a quick update of my participation in the Lexington Art League's CSA project. For my contribution I am make a 7 layer print entitled "Once I was over the water and now I Lay my brother down". The process in making this has been months in the making. Each layer of color must be registered (lined up with everything else) and printed by hand. It is a final edition of 50. As with anything with multiples you have to have extra and account of mess-ups so I am printing 84. So here are some shots of the progress thus far. I still have one layer left, the main figure, which is causing interesting challenges of his own. To make the figure I am trying a new process. I have been working with a place in Quicksand Kentucky to laser engrave woodblocks that I will then print by hand.  I will be sure to post finished images of the project when it is done. It is all due to be delivered Oct 1st so if you see me looking like I am on fire it is because I am.

Layer one. First color of the whales
Layer two. First color of the whales

Table full of first color prints

Layer three. Third color of the whales

Layer four. First color of flowers
Layer five. Second color of flowers

Layer six. Last color of flowers

Finished Laser block

Test prints from test laser block

Quicksand is a land that time forgot. But within this little town there is a woodworking fabrication facility that has not been forgotten. Originally created in the 50s this facility was state of the art in its tools and process. It has now become a custom fabrication center that is still up to date with CNC machines, laser engravers, and every kind of large tool you can fit in a old train depot. Included below are some shots from my recent trip.

Bridge to Quicksand. If it looks like was.
I had to get there when the main manager was there
which was at 7. It is a little over two hours from GC
Its in the middl of a corn field 

Front Door
Crazy clamping system

Laser at work

Awesome carts they have to move everything around.

More laser

Finished block.


Earl Grey said...

Awesome pictures documenting this process—thanks so much for sharing this!

Shelbs said...

Glad it turned out well! Can't wait to see the soldier prints!

Shelbs said...
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