Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall 'Trip'

So it is a norm that there is a Fall Trip taken to an exotic locations such as Chicago, Savannah, or D.C.  This year, however, the stars did not aline for this magical trip to happen... SO to replace the weekend trip, I am volunteering to drive the GC van to Indianapolis Art Museum for the day!

IF and only IF there is enough interest we will leave THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3rd close to 8:30am.  Indy is only about 3 hours from here.

'I am an art student who is SUPER interested in this trip!' You say?
'What do I have to do to secure a spot on the bus?' You say?

WELL I'm glad you asked.
  • There will be a sign up sheet on the white board as you walk into the art building.  
  • This Thursday (September 26th) you need to have a signed waiver and $10 given to me (my office is in the LRC Jacob's Gallery closet).  
  • Show up with coffee and a muffin Thursday morning at 8am!  

You will be responsible for your own lunch which we can discuss along the way.

If you have any questions please email me at

Peace from your friendly van driver/gallery director,

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