Monday, September 23, 2013

I Am Cheating on Art...

I have had this growing love affair with psychology since I became a student at Georgetown College. Recently my love has grown even more and I see it spreading over into my work. I’m not exactly creating paintings based on psychological theories or anything like that but more so focusing on feelings, emotions, the way people interact, etc. If you look at my vacation pictures they are always of people interacting with the town; I rarely take pictures of the sites tourist are there to see. 

For both my Fall Review and my work for ART 370 (Painting) I am studying interaction. For ART 370 I am focusing on how women hide things based on pride. I am in PSY 470 (Psychology of Trauma) this semester and we have been reading about how a woman will stay in an abusive relationship partially based on pride of being able to hold down a steady relationship. To me and you this may be wild but there is a lot more behind it that we could never even think of. 

After two critiques I’ve realized I am too concerned with the label of “painting.” In my critique with Peggy Coots I realized I can still do my installation side or layer things up and use things other than paint. I am still discovering what I want to do as I go and it has sort of become a conversation. 

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Earl Grey said...

I am excited to see your work involve your studies in Psychology. The crossover among and between your classes is exciting to me. You might look at the work of Tracy Emin—a British painter/printmaker whose works often deal with acts of emotional significance.