Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fresh Batch of Photos

 I've returned to shooting medium format film for the past few years. I rediscovered a Twin Lens Reflex camera I had and I also bought an old Hasselblad. It's quite the antithesis to the shooting I do with my iPod. What I appreciate is the process of slowing down, making manual selections in terms of exposure and camera settings, and realizing I have a limited number of shots so important to be accurate and purposeful in what I do. One downside is the time it takes to process and edit the work. Although there may be a silver lining in that it gives you some down time from what you've shot that allows you to come back to the work with fresh eyes and greater perspective, sometimes.

 Since the spring I had accumulated 15 rolls of film. I finally got around to developing them a couple weeks ago. Many were shot on a recent trip to Savannah, some at home with my family, and (embarrassingly) a couple of them were from back 2010. I made contact sheets and have begun the slow process of making selections, scanning the negatives, and editing individual photographs.

I wanted to post a few of them to give you some ideas of what I've been shooting with my "serious" cameras.

I had a 10 year reunion with friends/classmates from SCAD in Savannah in May. Our get together included a fantastic group show. Here is Linda, Gray, Ryan, myself, and Nicole at Skidaway Island State Park.

During our visit we stayed at Tybee Island, one of our favorite places to shoot. I visited my old photo stomping grounds with similar but new perspective.

 I made this photo on our outing to Keeneland last semester. It was pretty overcast and gloomy, but I like that type of weather for the tone and contrast it provides.

 One of my most common and favorite subjects has been our children and life at home.
Here's Evy posing with her babies.

 And here is Owen in the middle of watching TV. He has to used headphones when we watches
Thomas the Train because the train whistle scares Emmet, our dog.

 And related to last week's post, this showed up on one of the first rolls I developed. The last time I visited my grandparents' house before it was sold, I took this picture of my grandmother's silver dollars where she displayed them over her kitchen sink.

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Earl Grey said...

Especially loved seeing the shot of the silver dollars as related to your previous post.