Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Photography Course this Spring

Gelatin silver print by Hannah Davis from ART 370 Alternative Photographic Processes

Since I have been at Georgetown there has only been one photography course, ART 120 Photography. Over the years I have changed and tweaked the course content, primarily due to the medium's sea change to digital. So when I first started (6+ years ago), everything was analog, film-based, and nearly all accomplished in the darkroom. In recent semesters, we've barely ventured into the darkroom at all, which is a shame considering the history and broad array of photographic methods available.

To overcome this gap I have almost always offered an ART 370 Special Topics course designed to expand on ART 120. In my first year we offered Digital Photography. Another semester was Alternative Photographic Processes. Most recently was a digital course on Portraiture and Lighting. In addition I regularly have students doing Independent Studies to further develop their knowledge and experience of photography, often based on shooting film. So beginning this spring I will attempt to broaden the photo curriculum by adding a regularly occurring course to compliment ART 120.

Toned cyanotype by Jessie Pennington from ART 370 Alternative Photographic Processes

Currently ART 120 is a sampling of both analog and digital methods. My plan is to separate and expand each into its own course with Photography: Digital Methods in the fall and Photography: Analog Methods in the spring. There will be no prerequisites for the courses, so students may take either, or both if photography might be an area of interest/emphasis. Digital Methods will utilize the digital lab, Lightroom, and digital printing perhaps exclusively. Analog methods will allow students to shoot film with 35mm and medium format cameras, process film, and print in the darkroom. I am also considering some alternative processes such as cyanotypes and salt prints. Inevitably there will be some film scanning and Photoshop work as well.

For the spring I will be offering both courses: ART 120 Photography with a digital emphasis and ART 370 Photography: Analog Methods. (Next year the analog course will have its own course number.)

If you have time, let me know what you think by posting a comment as I consider how to broaden the photo curriculum.


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April Jouett said...

This sounds like it is going to be a great opportunity!! I can I re-enroll? :)