Friday, September 6, 2013

It's been a hot minute

I have been absent from posting Buzzfeeds and Tumblrs to the blog for far too long. Let's catch up shall we?

Why Art Saves Lives

"During the summer of 2013, LAMP Community, a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, hosted a photography class and gave its members a little something called, “hope.”" (via Buzzfeed)

Holy cow. These people are amazing. I think this is just the coolest. You can check out the artist bios at the Buzzfeed link above. Click here to view photos, purchase prints and support these amazing artists!

I love all that picture in picture stuff. I'm terrible at taking quality pictures -unless it's of my dog I'm really good at those- so when I see these I'm amazed. 

10 Flawlessly Nerdy Photo-In-Photo Shots (via Buzzfeed...again)

You can view more of the artist's work here. On a side note, I'm so excited for season 3 of Sherlock to come out I can hardly stand it. 

Dear Photograph
The tag is "take a picture of a picture from the past in the present". Sometimes I can't get past how precise these are. Especially when the settings have hardly changed at all and the old photo blends in perfectly like here:
Look at the railing!? It's almost dead-on. Shew.

I just thought this one was pretty. I wonder if that barn is still there...

It would be super cool to find old pictures from GC do this as a mini-show. You can visit the Tumblr and submit your own photo here.

On an end note, I went to Art Club yesterday. And it was awesome. There was candy. And toys. So tell your friends because it needs to continue. I hear there's going to be a trip coming up. 


Earl Grey said...

Great to see a post from you again, KLev. And, what fun to see these photos. Amazing!

Earl Grey said...

Oh, and everyone!!! Be sure to click on the video — it's another glimpse at photography through the eyes of the homeless in LA. The story is interesting, as are the artists' lives and their take(s) on art.

Thanks so much for sharing this, K.

Shelbs said...

I absolutely agree that everyone should go to Medium (art club). We will have a meeting at noon tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 12. Also, I would love to do photo-in-photo pictures. Perhaps for curatorial, Earl Grey?

Earl Grey said...

Oh, that's a great idea —how could we do that in our class? What can we tie it to in terms of content?