Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paintings that Revolutionized Art

Mark your calendars everyone.  A new art book is about to hit the shelves.  On September 16th, look for a new book called Paintings that Revolutionized Art edited by Claudia Stauble and Julie Kiefer.  Think of this a an art history book on steroids (not that I condone the illegal use of medications).

'This beautifully illustrated, delightfully informative collection of 100 of the world's most significant paintings covers nearly every period, culture, and style. What makes the Book of Kells such an extraordinary example of the illuminated manuscript? Why is Dürer's self-portrait so iconic? How did Turner's Rain, Steam, Speed turn the art world on its head? What's so great about Jasper Johns's Flag? And who was Whistler's mother, anyway? Art history is filled with paintings that shocked, intrigued, enraged, and mystified their audiences--paintings that exemplified the period in which they were created and forever changed the way we think. Here, 100 examples of these icons of art are presented in beautiful, high-quality reproductions. Each spread features comparative illustrations and details as well as an engaging text that explains why that particular painting belongs in the pantheon of world-changing art.' -says Amazon

The Huffington Post also has a nice article about this book with 14 pieces selected from the book to you super excited about buying yet ANOTHER art book!

I do have to say that I am pretty interested in to see what made the list of 100 and what didn't.  I wonder if they will have volumes like a VH1 countdown...

Here are couple of teasers for you:

Ludwig Kirchner's "Potsdamer Platz" (1914)

 Jan van Eyck's "The Arnolfini Portrait" (1434)



Earl Grey said...

This could be a fantastic premise for an art history seminar. Thanks for sharing. It's on my "to read" list now!

K. said...

oooooo I need this book. Which will require me to go to Barnes and Noble. Which will then mean an epic book binge. THANKS A LOT. (just kidding. I'm super amped.)