Sunday, September 29, 2013

Field Trip: Aegean Echoes

Detail of work by Helene Steene

Orientation to the show

Students in art history survey this semester visited the Headley-Whitney Museum in Lexington today to take in "Aegean Echoes." The purpose of our visit was to connect our studies of the ancient Aegean art with contemporary works by Helene Steene (whose work is also on view in our campus' Jacobs Gallery) and Ray Papka.

Christina and Kayla visually analyzing this work

Ariana and Abigail enjoying the color

Earl Grey with Crystal and Josh
looking at drachmas used in this work

Sheldyn and Jaylynn discussing what makes these works echo the Aegean


GC::VA said...

Helene is actually in the CSA crop with me. She did 50 small paintings. Hope you guys had a blast at the show.

Earl Grey said...

Oh, very cool and great to hear. Students, go in together to purchase a share :)