Monday, September 9, 2013

Moreing and Peanut Butter update

"Moreing" as an art form. Although this video is meant as a commercial for some candy bar or something I had a good laugh at its intelligent and and tongue in cheek stab at so much of art and the use of the multiple, specifically in sculpture and installation. Haim Steinbach immediately came to mind and his use of commercial products (example below). Anyhow, I found the video to be funny but also a great example of people that can make fun of themselves

Haim Steinbach

And an update... Finished off the jar of peanut butter this morning from a previous post. Thought you would like to see what a proper empty jar of peanut butter is supposed to look like. Taken down layer by layer (much to the compromising habits of my wife Holly). She did make me laugh this morning when I was getting the last layer on the bottom out. She said... "You do know we have a new one over there". As if I could leave anything in the jar...thats just silly.