Monday, September 30, 2013

Oct 19th

As usual the season of deadlines never stops. I just finished up and delivered the final edition of 50 CSA prints to the lexington art league. (Image seen below) And now I have the rest of my October deadlines creeping up. I have a some commissioned woodworking gigs to start, some in louisville and one for an old student, I have to finish making and packaging items for a Craft Fair on Oct 19th in Louisville (Darrell beat me to the punch in his last post) I will be making prints and some small woodworking things like the tops (seen below in progress), train whistles, and cutting boards. I also have Nov deadlines to already start thinking about...goodness. We will see how it goes. Anyhow I laugh heartily thinking back to when I was in Grad School and I made the mistake of telling my major professor that I was "So busy". He just laughed and said "It never gets any slower than now". I did and did not believe him. Now... I don't see how I could have doubted his words. I like to think some people have it all figured out. I look at people like Stefan Sagmeister (talk below) who work with time rather than against it.

Time moves so fast and there is so much that we feel "has" to get done. Somethings do have to get done but so much of what we do is choice even when we don't feel like it. Make sure to take the time to choose how you spend your time.

"I once was over the water, now I lay my brother down" 
Tops roughed out

7 of the final tops


Daniel Cantu II said...

Here was the wood figure I told you about; it was done by an artist in the Kentucky Crafted exhibit. It looks like planks of wood stacked on top of a wooden cube.

And silly Blogger won't let me make fancy HTML tags, so a link will have to do for now.

GC::VA said...

Nice! that is actually a bit more complicated than it looks. They actually had to make a box in a box in a box then turn it round. At least thats how I think they had to have done it because the walnut is one piece.

Shelbs said...

The tops look awesome. I'm interested to see the final design for the train whistles, as well.