Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sneak Peek

I've been back in my darkroom working on new photographs for an upcoming solo show in Frankfort, KY. I'll be showing in the Jane Chancellor Moore Gallery through January and February. The space is in a bank, so it's only fitting to exhibit this work. In fact it was my previous Currency portfolio that landed me the invitation.

I believe this will be the last time I'll be in the darkroom during my sabbatical so I made the most of it, creating 38 new prints. Although each photographs is unique, I have run into a bit of an issue because I have a limited number of different source images. For example, I have four Grants, six Jacksons, three Hamiltons, etc. I'll have to do some major editing to find uniquely singular prints.

As with my Botanical Studies, I continued to explored the mordançage process, and again faced new challenges and revelations with my results. All in all I'm very happy with what turned out and I'm excited to have an opportunity to put them on display.