Sunday, November 17, 2013

Piping Hot

I've always loved different things. I especially love pipes. All pipes. More than the pipes, I love what they are made of whether they are glass, stone, wood, etc. I have been collecting pipes (including water pipes) for almost 5 years now. Sometimes, I use them, sometimes I don't. I always test them to see how they work, though.  I recently bought what I like to call "An Old Man's Pipe". These are the pipes that you're likely to see in old films or with people like John Watson or Sherlock Holmes. I really wanted one.

I didn't know this was going to be my weekly object, so I didn't take a picture of it before I used it, so I'll describe the inside. Since all of my other pipes are either stone or glass, I didn't know that a small screw was needed on the inside of the bowl of the pipe. I'm not entirely sure why it's there, but I suspect it's to hold the two different materials of the pipe together. The pipe is made of a type of wood and some other material. I can't pick up on what it is. The mouthpiece is plastic. It works well.

I'm not sure if I would pick this piece again. There's nothing wrong with it, but I think I just like the feel of the glass and stones pieces more. They're..different. I want to say smooth, but this pipe is smooth as well. I don't know. I just don't like it as much as my other pieces.


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