Monday, November 4, 2013

Ann Hamilton at DAAP

NOV 20th 5pm. Make sure to mark your calendars. Ann Hamilton is speaking at DAAP in Cincinnati open to the public and free of charge. Ann Hamliton and her work was one of the reasons I chose to pursue work art. She is a great speaker. Just ask any of the folks from the performace and Installation class a couple of years back. As funny as it is my mother was the one that cut an article about her work at the venice biennale in 1999. I was a sophomore in College and was blown away her use of material and how simple yet profound her interactions are. The work "myein"can be seen HERE. Still to this day she is one of my inspirations.
 Anyhow she is going to talk about her work "The event of a Thread" as well as some other projects in the works. The top short video shares the visuals of the work. The bottom exclusive from ART21 has her talking briefly about it. It will be a wonderful occasion.

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