Thursday, August 29, 2013

Text blasts from artists...

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  The first week of school, Kim Fink, the visiting artist for the Cochenour Gallery installed his works on paper.  Installing in the Cochenour is usually not a difficult process.  The artist and I get to spend time and discuss the work, decide how it should look on the walls, measure and hang.  The only unusual aspect of the gallery is the lighting.  Also the color of the walls, but mostly the lighting.  We currently have a small select amount of lights to highlight multiple works of light.  I am sharing this information not to say, woah is me, but to share that every space that an artist works in isn't perfect.  Many times, especially when artists, and gallery employees, are starting out they are not working in a place that has a large budget or an awesome building or even many employees.  But all that said the exhibition really looks brilliant in the space and it was such an honor to have Kim's work on our walls.  Check out more of his work at his website:  And see the work for yourself! The exhibition runs through September 27th.

THIS week the Fine Art Galleries will open Dialogue by Rusty Wallace.  As a director, my job is to be the artist's right hand lady.  You work long hours, lots of coffee, and little sleep.  Well, I guess you would say that it is much like being a college student again.  Rusty called on Tuesday telling me he would be on campus at 6pm, which turned into 7pm that turned into also 9pm.  He was pulling a trailer through mountains which slows one down.  Per usual, I was back on campus at a perky 8am.  (This is also the week I have decided to start my morning workouts training for a half marathon in November, sigh.)

Rusty, myself, and the occasional Daniel worked throughout the day.  It is amazing that we have faculty in the Art Department that are so willing to help.  It makes my job a lot smoother.  Rusty and I worked until 9pm when I finally had to call it quits (I had been up since 5am to workout).  He stayed for probably an hour later than I did.  Along the way we laughed; I hung things completely wrong; we both worked together.  Having a visiting artist is a lot like your first week at summer camp.  You stay up late and are super slap happy but are so glad you can still get things accomplished.

I hope you are all able to stop by throughout the day and check on our progress.  Rusty will be giving a lecture this evening at 6pm in the Ward Room.  You should be there, he is pretty cool dude (do people say that anymore?)

His opening is tomorrow, Friday, August 30th from 4pm to 6pm in the Wilson.  Now enjoy some photos.
Peace, Jeanette
Before we got to work.

Rusty and I laid this out like it was a memory game... you will understand once you see it on the wall.

The occasional Daniel.  So glad he was there.  I KNOW it would have done this all wrong!

Rusty hard at work at 9pm.

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