Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Senior Thesis: A Weekly Update

For those of you who don't know who I am, or haven't seen me running around the art building before, my name is Shelby Eden, a senior Art Education major!

Just a little bit about me: I have a love for all art (especially graphic design & web design) some of my favorite things are tennis (I am a proud member of the GC Women's tennis team!), baking, and having a good cup of coffee every morning before class. However, that's enough of an introduction for now don't you think? My real reason for writing this post is to give everyone an update on this semester's senior thesis course! But first... i'll give you a little insight on what lead up to what I have decided to work on.
Just in case you don't know me! Sorry for the selfie!

This past spring semester, with my April review approaching I found myself struggling to decide what I wanted my senior show in the fall to be all about. At first I decided I would do exactly what I had intended since becoming an Art Major at Georgetown College, which was to do a show based on some graphic design/web design work. As I began working, something just didn't feel right to me! I had recently sat down with Dr. Decker (My hero!) and spilled my heart out about how I felt that I was being called to go into Education after graduating. Long story short... I went from an Art Major and Communication Minor to an Art Education major. I had a stressful spring semester as I entered into the world of education, a world I wasn't too familiar with... and after a few months I fell in love with being in the classroom and what could be better than teaching art? Art teachers are always the favorite teachers of kids everywhere right? I think so but maybe I am biased. In the end, I went into my April review with a plan for my senior show focusing on art education and my experiences teaching art thus far. 

A great resource for Art Ed thanks to Dr. Decker for letting me borrow it!!

As of right now, my plan for my senior show exhibit in October is to work with students around Scott Co.  by teaching them some art lessons and collecting some of their work to display in the exhibit. I also plan to invite some of the children to talk about their work as well! For the next few weeks leading up to the show, Maddy Fritz and I will be posting weekly with senior thesis updates to give all of our art fans out there a peek into our thesis work! 

Stay tuned for my update next Tuesday!

Shelby Eden 

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Earl Grey said...

Thank you for a wonderful introduction to you, your work, and senior thesis! It's wonderful to hear you talk about your journey to education and becoming certified to teach Art.

And, thank you for the kind compliment— that I am your hero. I am flattered and have to say that teachers are my heros—so, I extend the compliment back to you and so many others who have paved the way for us to be educators!