Sunday, August 4, 2013

Opportunity: call for artwork

GC Alum Ashley Clayton invites all art students to participate. Read the call below...


Deadline for submissions is September 13th, 2013

Our online arts and literary magazine, The Perch, is a publication of the Yale University Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH) that aims to present a wide range of voices on mental health and recovery—both from established writers and from new, emerging authors and artists. We conceptualize a “perch” as both a higher vantage point from which to survey an area and gain a new perspective as well as a safe place upon which to rest. Our magazine’s goal is to paint a broad landscape of the many paths to recovery, and offer a vantage point from which to listen to voices that are often silenced or ignored. In the spirit of Yale PRCH, we take a broad view of recovery and mental wellness, and welcome submissions that do not directly address mental health issues per se. 

We look to publish original, creative work in a variety of genres, including but not limited to, essays, poetry, fiction, and personal narratives. In addition, we welcome visual artwork for publication in our Parachute Factory section. The Parachute Factory, a gesture towards an earlier use of the building in which Yale-PRCH is presently housed, serves as a physical gallery space for painting, sculpture, and public performances. We like to think of our magazine as providing a comfortable space for risk-taking in the arts and self-expression, much like a parachute allows for soft landings, even amidst the harshest territory.

All work must be submitted online at:
Our first issue can be found at: 
or on our organizational website at: 

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