Thursday, August 1, 2013

Art History Humor: Curator Tape

A professional group that I belong to mentioned this product, sold on Amazon. See below and click here.

Think about it...Should something with the name "Curator Tape" even be sold? Online we've had a good laugh about this. It's art history humor but also museum/curatorial humor. What kind of claims can you make about this product that is, ostensibly, gold tape? Here are some of the comments that have been made online in our list-serve, a few of which have been posted to Amazon. See if you catch the humor in each... 

“Everything looks like a masterpiece!”

"Man, that frame for the Van Gogh was in such bad shape, coming apart at the corners and everything!  I taped up the corners and now it looks like a million bucks!"

"I had this Rembrandt that just would not fit in any frame we had, and the exhibition was only a day from opening! Thank goodness I could get this tape shipped overnight!!! It only took a minute to tape to the wall and everyone thinks it is a real gilded frame! Thanks Amazon!"

"I can't wait until they come out with Registrar Tape and Preparator Tape versions so I can complete my set! For now, I've found Curator Tape is helping me make decisions about what to hang on my walls and how long the pieces should stay there, which is really useful. It's great for wall labels, too.

I think I've heard Banksy is going to start using this stuff to make his art blend that much better with the stuff already on museum walls, and there can be no higher recommendation."

"WOW, what a deal! Compared to the tens of thousands of dollars grad school costs, this product is practically free. I was seriously thinking about going for a PhD, but now with this tape there is simply no need. A real time-saver! I'm glad it is all sold out so that the job market doesn't get too flooded."

"I used a whole roll of tape, but I still can’t get the curator to stay put."

"Curators still won't stay put?  Order now, and we'll throw in a roll of Guest Curator Tape for free!"

 “I wish they would make an acid-free version.  Our curator keeps complaining that “It burns!” when it touches them."

Folks bought up rolls as jokes and gifts. Because we've had such fun with this, Curator Tape has now sold out, after one day's notice, on Amazon!

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