Saturday, August 31, 2013

Countdown to London with Tea & Toast

This past week I held the final informational meeting for all interested persons to learn about the Winter London trip. We had tea, Irish butter, brown bread (toasted, of course), marmalade (exactly like the kind we'll eat in London at our Mayfair hotel!), Hob-nobs, Lemon Ginger cookies, and Will & Kate Royal Edition Cheddar to sustain us over a discussion about the course I will be teaching in London from Dec. 26-Jan. 8. The course is entitled "Great Exhibitions" and qualifies as upper-level hours in art history. 

As the deadline approaches (Sept. 13 for $100 off; Sept. 27th is the final day to apply), please consult the consortium's website for the application procedures. See this link which takes you to the CCSA (Consortium) website.

I've included a pew photos below (thank you to former students for sharing them!) and payment details at the bottom of the post. 

Hope you can join us. And, if not this time, I hope that in the near future you do get the opportunity to study abroad or undertake an experiential learning opportunity of some kind. 

Earl Grey heading toward the London Eye. 
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (reconstructed) is one of the sites we visit.

The Roman settlement at Bath, along with a visit to Stonehenge, are on the docket this Winter.
 Shown here, the Roman sculpture lining the cool water pools
Millennium Bridge facing St. Paul's Cathedral. 
The interior of the Natural History Museum.
Did I mention that we spend New Year's Eve in London? 
After a sweltering few days in Georgetown this past week, winter snow seems welcome.
The photo here was taken along the Thames in Oxford.

Course Description: This course examines museum collections in Southern England, including London and Oxford as well as historic sites such as Bath and Stonehenge. To understand the histories of museums in general, and, with respect to English examples, students will visit museums and collections daily. Students will encounter the spaces of museums directly, after reading about their establishment in the key texts. Students will critically analyze the history of museums through daily visits in leading institutions and site visits to smaller venues that showcase a range of collecting practices from curiosity to conceptual as well as theoretical practices. Students will uncover particular institutional and cultural paradigms, within the English collecting tradition, by discovering and analyzing what is on view and what is kept away from display. 

Payment Schedule and Deadlines —payments due to CCSA, not Georgetown College:

Applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance of the September 27, 2013 application deadline, as priority is given to early applications. Applications submitted on or before September 13, 2013 receive a $100 deduction in the program price, reflected in a reduced application fee, due at time of application.
• Application Fee: $200 if received on or before September 13, 2013; $300 for applications received after September 13, 2013. Application fees, which must be paid by credit or debit card at time of application, serve as a deposit towards the overall program price.
• First Payment: $1600 due on October 14, 2013.
• Final Payment: $1995 for those traveling with the group, $995 for those making their own flight arrangements, is due on November 1, 2013. The single room supplement, if applicable, is also due at this time.

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