Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On Sabbatical

During the Fall 2013 semester I will be on sabbatical. For professors a sabbatical is an opportunity to take a rest from our regular teaching responsibilities and focus our efforts on personal work and other projects. For some this might be writing a book while others may be doing research related to their area of study. Typically a professor may apply for a sabbatical once every seven years, and it may last either one or two semesters.

People usually want to know your plans for your sabbatical. I actually had to apply for my semester off, and in that application I listed a variety of projects: some photographic work, some course planning and revisions, and possibly some travel. Funny enough I already miss being in the classroom and seeing everyone. It's a little strange to not be at school after 10 years of teaching. But I have plenty to keep me busy and I plan to keep you up to date on what I'm up to here on the GCVA blog.

For starters I've been working in my personal darkroom. It's at my parents' home in Versailles, KY. My dad and I built it many years ago but I've never really put it to use until now. Already this summer I worked on a major project for the Lexington Art League. (I'll post more about that next week.) And on the first day of classes for you, I was in the darkroom developing a personal record of medium format film in one day. I got a little help from my eager assistant, Owen.

In addition you might consider following my Instagram feed. I post photos regularly of places I visit, subjects and moments that catch my attention, and documentation of the projects on which I'm working.

So until next time, thanks for readying, work hard, and I'll see you next week.

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