Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In Defense of Art: Feel like writing a letter to The Times?

Wendy MacNaughton

I rarely repost content from other sites but, due to the imposing deadline for replies, have decided to do so (from Real Clear Arts.)
"This is your chance, and it may be your best chance, to make the case for art museums. Right now, online, The New York Times has invited a dialogue with readers that will run in Sunday’s Review section. You must respond by tomorrow (Thursday) to be considered for publication.
Frank Robinson, former director of Cornell’s art museum, the Williams College Art Museum and RISD, has posed the question... Nonetheless, the last words of his post are: “How many lives is a Rembrandt worth?”
Robinson sets up the question around the mess in Detroit, beginning “…How can we equate a few pieces of canvas with paint on them with the pensions of thousands of firefighters, nurses, police officers, teachers and other civil servants?” Throughout his letter, Robinson mixes apples with oranges with cherries and bananas and even throws a few tomatoes in — quite an accomplishment for a 322-word letter....Don’t let this opportunity go by. Write your opinions to"

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