Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey Painting, It's been awhile...

It is my senior year, so weird! Realizing I only have two semesters of classes left makes me extremely nervous. I have changed my schedule three times now trying to figure out which classes are most vital for life after Georgetown. I thought back on the art classes I have taken in my time here and I realized I haven't taken a painting class since my first semester freshman year! Well that just needed to change so Mallory Meisner and I are taking part in a Painting Independent Study this semester. I am looking to grow as a painter in my last two semesters here and really hope to introduce my developing skills into my October (technically September) Review and Senior Show. 

"Untitled" 3'x5', oil on canvas, 2010

As most of you know I am a fan of working on a larger scale. So this semester in order to challenge myself I plan on creating some smaller scale works to see which I enjoy most. For my first series of paintings I will be creating works based off a woman I met at the bookstore last week. For some reason people feel way too comfortable around me and like to tell me their life stories. This woman approached me talking about the concert that was going on outside and quickly changed the subject to her uninterested husband and her disapproving mother. She told me about how lonely she was multiple times. I will be making smaller scale pieces to represent this woman and many people like her. She looked like everyone else but was struggling with a lot. So I will be creating pieces that talk about the average Joe or Joan that are suffering silently waiting for someone to listen.

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Earl Grey said...

Stephanie - thank you for sharing this story on Monday about your encounter at Joseph Beth and other conversations with women this past summer. I feel like narratives and histories are an important part of your work.

Some suggestions: we can talk about oral histories together -- and, I'd suggest looking at the work of Noelle Mccormack

Excited to hear more!