Monday, October 21, 2013

The connections of the present

So often we talk about how facebook and other social media build separation at the same time they build connections. But I have to say although I dont participate in facebook as much as I did when I first got on 8 years ago but I have to say I love being on Instagram. You find so many amazing people doing amazing things. I have come into contact with people from all over the world just by digging through images and hashtags.
     Instagram has also proved to be a great networking site. I have come into a number of opportunities that I would never have otherwise been apart of. One of which was posted today. I was interviewed by Mckenna Wooley for her blog.
Make sure to check out the interview and her site HERE.

If you are not on instagram (which most of you I assume are) I would encourage you to try it out. Its free and fun as an alternative form of "research". You can find me @spellcheck and @lineschiselsandbrayers.  Happy hunting.

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