Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Senior Thesis: A Weekly Update

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great fall break. For this week's post, I have been challenged to describe my senior thesis work in 15 words.

My work in 15 words: 

Teaching students fundamentals of art, with the ultimate goal of fostering creativity and making connections. 

Also, here is a preview of the outcome of one of last week's lessons! 

Exquisite Corpse Project

This past Tuesday, I taught the students about Surrealism and we discussed artists such as Dali, M.C Escher, and Max Ernst. After the lesson, I had the students do a series of exquisite corpse drawings with colored pencil and crayon. Each student divided their sheets of paper into three sections, drew in one of the sections, and passed it on to someone else in the class. Some of the results were crazy! It was fantastic.

Unfortunately, Keystone is on fall break this week so there will be no art lessons to teach :( and next week will be the last two lessons I have the opportunity to teach before the show on October the 20th! I am really excited about sharing the student's work with everyone and I hope you are all just as excited! The students can't wait for the show!

Have a great week!!



Earl Grey said...

Shelby, I love this Exquisite Corpse. It can be adapted to so many age groups and levels.

Your phrase about your work seems really thoughtful and appropriate. It's basically a mission statement for you and this entire project. Thanks for sharing!

Daniel Cantu II said...

Hey Shelby! What do you plan to do after your senior show? Are you going to finish the class for the semester? It would be neat if you set up a blog and posted your adventures with the students work. It could be set up as a lesson to the parents as well, one part could have actual art from the artist and the second part could have the kids' rendition of the said artwork.