Friday, October 11, 2013

Homecoming Reception—Friday 2:15 in the Cochenour

Organized by my Fall 2013 Curatorial Studies course, this year's Archives show features an accurate history of Homecoming since its introduction in 1923, the evolution of Songfest, a tribute to an individual who embodied the “Spirit of Homecoming,” Coach L.E. “Brad” Jones, and many artifacts that date back to the youngest days of the College.
“90 Years & Counting: Homecoming Through the Ages” offers a glimpse into the past and present and invites you to share your memories with us.

Please join us on Friday, October 11th from 2:15-3:15 for the reception and discussion with the students who researched and created this exhibition: Steven Faulkner, Caity Hagan, Sarai Kidd, Abigail McPeek, Shelby Riddell, Joey Schulte, and Kendall Wills.


Daniel Cantu II said...

Neat event, it's unfortunate that students nowadays don't even finish painting their dorm benches, whereas early Homecoming years had huge parades with floats! I talked to one of the elderly ladies (year of 1946?) and she suggested that perhaps the students back then would not study as often as a result! It would be really neat to see a large campus event that encompassed the community instead of the students secluding to their dorms.

Earl Grey said...

Good question — about community. I guess I would pose the question about your own level of engagement as a student. [This is a question for everyone, really!] As a student were you one to promote community or one who secluded? How can we—as faculty, staff, students, and alum—bring together a community among our campus and Georgetown? And, if community is present, how can we make it stronger?