Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Senior Thesis: A Weekly Update

Fall Senior Show: Sunday October 20th, Reception starts at 2pm in the LRC, there will be food AND it's NEXUS approved!

It's almost here!!! Installation starts tomorrow!!!! It's all a little exciting and surreal, I feel like I should be completely overwhelmed with last minute tasks and suffering the effects of procrastination, actually I feel really good about how I have paced myself within the previous weeks. I am sure there will be some problems with installation that may come up, but overall, I am feeling prepared for what is to come within the next five days. 

Well I guess to update you on what I am doing, I am pretty much almost done (hooray!), so I included some detail photos of my final products that will be on display, just a heads up, everything is not included so if you want the full experience, come to my show on October 20! 

Thanks for keeping up with my blog thus far, and sometime next week be looking for some post-installation photos. 

-Maddy Fritz

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Earl Grey said...

Problems during installation? Of course, and you and Shelby can overcome them! Excited to see your work come together. ;)