Friday, October 18, 2013

A children's outdoor gym or abandoned park?

So, the other day I was taking a few of my students to the park to get them to socialize so that they do not end up becoming an anti-social adult like me. Anyway, while we were there and I was bribing them with chocolate to interact with the other children there, I noticed that there was another park a bit down the hill. I decided to go and see what it contained and why there were no children there at all. The kids were only too happy to join me as it would mean they wouldn't have to be near the other children anymore.

When we got down to the abandoned park, I noticed that it reminded me of a gym. I mean, it looked almost as if every piece of equipment looked as if it were made for the purpose of getting kids to workout while having fun at the same time. It seemed to work as my kids were having the times of their lives playing on the equipment. I even joined in. It really was a workout.

Everything was made of steel and painted this type of beige color. There was rust gathering around the bolts as is normal with outdoor parks thanks to rain and such. Nearly all of the benches were covered with graffiti.

It made me think about America. We don't really get our kids to workout for fun anymore. We're always hounding them to work weight off or win in a sport, but never to just go and run for fun. I played games with the kids to get them to build strength while not knowing what they were doing. For instance, I asked one of the girls how long could she hold herself up on one of the machines. And then there are those who do not make their kids get active at all. I haven't really seen that many obese children here. They are constantly running around and doing things. I don't know. I just feel America could learn a bit from Spain in this sense.

Now, do I know for sure that this is an abandoned park? No, but it certainly looks like one to me. It stood out to me I guess in relief to the park at the top of the hill (of which I just realized I should have taken a picture). It could actually just be an outdoor workout place, but I kind of find that hard to believe because of its close proximity.

The beauty who is demonstrating the equipment is Blanca :)

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Earl Grey said...

Interesting point about the color of the metal. The equipment, for lack of a better term, does appear to be intentionally placed here but abandoned. Maybe someone in the community knows about it? When you were there, did you see lighting/light posts? Do you think it's lit up at night?

Would love to hear more about the graffiti, too!

Great to Skype with you on Friday! Looking forward to hearing more!