Friday, October 8, 2010

Boris’s 6th: Liverpool cont’d

CONTEXT vs. CHAOS: Weltschmerz-weights Round Two

Context is an oft desired intellectual shelter among art-goers but not necessarily required for the mind’s sure-footing. At the first installment of the Chaosmos in 2006, when artists were pressed hard enough (by the presence of camera or otherwise) about the idea of chaosmos, one reply was “I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it, in a way.” This was not far from the overarching sentiment of the entire group. Truth is, now as it was then, it was not necessary nor at any great deal of service to contextualize here. So why get caught up? In fact, one of the differences this time around, is here we seem to come to an unspoken understanding, and I will give a try at “how” at the later post, that there is no need to ache over extrapolating. It is as simply comprehensible as please excuse the chaos and here is the context for our excuses; chaos-for-the-sake-of-context type of attitude.

So two things. First, I am pleased to announce that the Chaosmos Initiative 20TEN has a new lease on life with dates extended through the second half of the Biennial. What’s more exciting, is that this new installation on the 2nd floor of View Two Gallery has phrased itself, as I don’t think anyone but the happenstance itself could have curated it more aptly, somewhere between the Reactionary (Stuckists) and the Modernist (de Lillo). Cheers to these circumstances, to the gallery staff, to the curator and the 20+ artists and writers for this re-consideration, as most of us may find it more difficult to distil than set-up the exhibition display first-time. Here is a case furthermore where all three shows have much to gain by the presence of the other two. Second, in light of all this, as an involved participant, I sketched out few reflex-notes on the exhibition, as if I had to interiorize this art initiative into a conventional essay, something for which most participating artist would castigate me for attempting. This show is clearly at odds with these confines and better served by scraps of thoughts floating around in blogosphere. Therefore, as hinted earlier, I will post the rest of them in the coming weeks.

Also, I hope everyone has a safe and productive Fall Break--

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(dates extended, through Oct. 30th at View Two Gallery, 23 Mathew St. Merseyside)

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