Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bookends or Lap Joint

Opening reception tomorrow, Thursday, October 28 from 5-7 in the Tuska Gallery at UK, located on Rose Street in the Fine Arts Building (next door to the Singletary Center for the Arts). The show will run from October 28-November 11. Click for HERE for more info.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to come to the opening, or at least see the show before it closes. This is a great chance to see your faculty exhibiting work that you won't want to miss. How often do you get to see your professors practice what they preach?

I have to say that this has been a fantastic experience. Daniel and I had so much fun collaborating and working together. And although it has been exhausting pulling this off, it has certainly been worth the investment.

If you're not aware of how the show works, Daniel and I looked back at our careers (all they way back to our first art classes in college) and created a chronological installation of pieces that stood out to us, culminating in eight collaborative works that we just finished yesterday. My earliest piece is from 1997 and Daniel's, 1998. You could say that there's 2.5 decades worth of work in this show.

It's a bit strange to look back over ten years of work that you've created. I couldn't have ever imagined this day when I took my first art class at Asbury. It's a little overwhelming at times. And I think that may be why this show will be so interesting to our students. They'll have a chance to see what we were doing in college, and, I think, view a lot of work that they've never seen. So again, I hope you get a chance go.

Note: my photos above are purposefully pixelated to protect the innocent (art works).

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Boris Zakic said...

Look forward to the reception. Congrats D&D--