Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's Doin'

Last week was a busy one for the art department! The horses left the barn, so to speak, but the race was on for ImPrint, the current exhibition in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery. Thanks to GC graduate Hannah Davis for her assistance in the preparations! As co-curators of the show, Professors Darrell Kincer and J. Daniel Graham made some fantastic selections for your viewing pleasure as well as insured that everything looked absolutely fantastic for Friday evening's opening reception.
Dr. Juilee Decker and her curatorial studies class were also on the move, hosting a wonderfully received reception for By the Book: 150 Years of Rules, Regulations and GC Student Life on view in the Cochenour Gallery of the Ensor Learning Resource Center. The goodies were excellent, and the "goods" in the exhibits lit up the faces of both the curating students and the alums who perused yearbooks and memorabilia before donning their beanies and taking part in a delightful fireside chat.

Homecoming weekend saw more than 50 visitors to the Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs Gallery (thanks to all the weekend gallery workers for their assistance: Mark, Kayla, and Miranda). Saturday morning Professor Graham made an "impression" or two with Dr. Rich and little Angelica, and, Monday we entertained hordes of visiting Laurel County middle and high school students--many of whom came by after their tour for a second (and even third) look!

Don't fret art fans, because more good stuff is on the way! Senior Cathy Frank's show, Command Z opens later this week in the Cochenour with a reception on Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Don't miss the continuing doin's of the GC Art Department!

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Earl Grey said...

Thank you for the photos and recap, artgal. We DID have a big week:) Thanks to everyone in the department for contributing to a fantastic slate of activities that met the needs of young, younger, and youngest ones as well. (No one ever wants to be called old!)