Sunday, October 3, 2010

Space savers and watches

   There has been a real trend in recent years for space saving furniture.  Not just furniture that is smaller however, it has to be able to transform into multiple forms. This used to be the role of people that needed space such as a murphy bed that could go into a wall since your bedroom and living space were the same thing.  There has been less of a need for space rather a trend (as towards all things) to find a balance of economics and efficiency.  The following videos after the jump are just a few of the crazy fun things that are going on inside this trend.  Ironic as is it these items do not come cheap.
   There is another note I would like to hit here and that is the currents generations obsession with multi-functionalism.  There is a great TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson (see it HERE) (and if you enjoy it watch his other ones which are great as well) where he talked about the use of a watch, not as much for fashion but as a tool.  He makes an observation that people under the age of 25 do not wear watches since they have the time on their phones and other mobile devices. His daughter makes fun of him for having a single function device.  I wonder if this drift in technology can also be seen in multi functional objects such as furniture.  I know a number of people will remember last generations first reinvention of this idea (pictured above).  At least those were cheap and did what they said.  But I often wonder if the space savers of today are more for novelty and status vs actual space.
 All the videos that are amazing and worth watching after the jump.


Prof. Darrell Kincer said...

Oh, man—I wanted to post about TED. I've been watching a TED documentery from 2006 on Netflix. It shows a dude using this crazy "touch screen" technology.

HDfoto said...

i had a tie dye foldy chair... it doubled as a chair, closet, my bed, and dog bed. ahhh memories.