Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Author and Scholar Lynn Nicholas at UK Tuesday

Those interested in WWII repatriation will not want to miss Lynn H. Nicholas's talk tonight at UK. For context, see an earlier post that I made on a critical issue of art history's relevance. Nicholas is one of several lecturers who will devote an entire week of lecture, presentation, and discussion to issues of ownership, access, restoration, and repatriation. See the full listing here.


Boris Zakic said...

good post. Was the Schiele's issue raised? I got caught at a board meeting, but I'm sure the whole week will have other follow-ups. Thanks!

Earl Grey said...

No discussion of Schiele, but mention of other notable cases, particularly the Quedlinburg Hoard. See http://www.museum-security.org/quedlinburg-hoard.htm
for further info.

The Q&A session after Nicholas' talk was good also, with questions mostly raised by UK faculty members. We had a good impromptu discussion w/ Dr. Suesse and her husband before the lecture as well. They happened to sit in front of the Georgetown College art history, studio art, and history crew.