Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Art Majors Party: This Thursday @ 5 pm!

All GC students who have declared a major in ART are welcome to join their faculty and peers at a year-end picnic on Thursday, May 1 (the last day of classes)! The festivities begin at 5 pm. All art majors—all class years are welcome! First year students: it's not too early to fill out that paperwork to become an "official" art major!
2012: all smiles Dana, Evey, and April

2012: Lots of hugs from a future
artist among our faculty family!

2012: More celebrating by our younger set!
Or, is that just playing?

2012: Breaking up after the photo shoot
(left to right: Laura's arm:) Bess, Portia, Dana and me in front)

2013: Celebrating the better weather in 2013 and a great year 

2013: Enjoying time with friends (Jen, Sheila, Shelbs,
Kayleigh and possibly the back of Cantu)

THIS YEAR'S PARTY will be held on THURSDAY! 

thanks again to Lynsey for designing this year's flyer
Google the address. But, if you need other visual directions, my house is in the subdivision behind Pizza Hut.  Previous link here. 

We've been doing this for a while now. The Majors Party is a great way to end our semester and to spend some time with our art friends. We hope you can make it!

Links to most recent years here:
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