Thursday, April 17, 2014

Undergrad Research

As noted earlier, Lynsey and Rebecca were invited to present two papers at Asbury as part of the National Council on Undergraduate Research's "Undergrad Research Week." The GC students made their presentations and took questions from the audience of about 25 students and profs. Some of the questions were challenging—but they helped our students to broaden their discussion and to think about their topics in another way.

Thank you to our hosts, Professor Patrick Adams (whose work you can check out here) and Dr. Linda Stratford, for inviting us to join them. Lynsey and Rebecca presented their work on contemporary art and the "end" of art, as noted in an earlier post here.

Jeanette, Lynsey, Rebecca, Earl Grey, and Linda
After the presentations, we were able to enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation in the Student Center at Asbury and to take a tour of some of the campus. We stopped into the Andrew Miller Comm Arts Center, which is a fabulous experiential learning space for students interested in film and media studies.

A prop from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" film
(with the Olympic rings in the back)
A streetscape used in filming

The morning was a wonderful way to spend time thinking about art history and getting to know colleagues and students from another, nearby institution. We look forward to connecting again!

And, special congrats to our students for a job well done! We're proud of you!

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