Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cartoons go Bald for Good!

A project that started in Brazil is now going international: Bald Cartoons!

In an effort to make kids who have cancer feel more comfortable with the unfortunate affects of chemo therapy, a Brazilian campaign was imaged to take beloved children cartoons and make them bald. Cartoons now around the world will be getting a buzz.

These characters will air episodes with their locks buzzed for seemingly no reason. Just like a kid who has cancer. The characters don't have to explain their baldness to others. Everything continues as normal... just as it would for real kids.

Check out the NPR news article here.

According to Roberto Fernandez, executive creative officer at the ad agency Ogilvy Brazil, kids have already felt more comfortable at school and so have their peers.

It is amazing how a little less hair goes a long way!

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Amanda Mazzocchi said...

Oh my! That is a great idea! That will make a significant impact, especially among kids with cancer. I think it will also impart in their young minds that having cancer and being bald is not a bad thing. It will reduce the stigma of isolation and discrimination among kids with their peers having cancer and all. :)

Amanda Mazzocchi @ Good Look Ink