Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Art History @ Georgetown College

The visual art major allows students to develop an emphasis in studio art or art history. The students, as part of their capstone experience, participate together in an exhibition/research presentation each fall and spring (during each student's last term of enrolling in art courses).

This spring, two senior art history majors participated in the senior thesis course: Rebecca and Lynsey (shown below on the very balmy opening of the thesis reception). As part of their theses requirements, each of them presented their research findings at the opening of the senior exhibition and took questions from a packed audience in room 104—minds curious about contemporary art. A second portion was the construction and reasoned analysis of primary data (in the form of surveys and data analysis by Rebecca and data compilation and analysis of auction records by Lynsey). The third portion is the writing of a thesis (meeting a 30 page minimum, with the use of 30 sources). [Current junior art history major, Catherine: you have your work cut out for you!]

Rebecca, Earl Grey, and Lynsey after their presentations on Friday, March 28.
Yay! Art History!

This week, these students will bring their research to a broader audience by traveling to Asbury College and reading abbreviated versions of their papers at the Art History Symposium organized by Prof. Linda Stratford, an associate professor at Asbury. Two of her students will be presenting as well, though their research is based upon Renaissance and Baroque artists, Michelangelo and Caravaggio.

Everyone is welcome to join us for our visit to Asbury and to hear Rebecca and Lynsey. We will depart from the Art Building at 8:00 am on Thursday morning. See you then! 

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Jeanette Tesmer said...

Very exciting! Way to represent GC! (PS -- Art Historians are the best)