Monday, April 21, 2014

Um WOW "watch" this

Amazing craft and blend of contemporary technology and traditional craft. I think one of my favorite bits is at 2:13 with the little set of the minute hand…just wonderful.

Ive always had a familiarity and affinity with and for time pieces. I grew up with a number of my days being spent in the clock shop of my grandfather. My office looks a bit like his shop I'll try and dig up some photos. There is just so much to look at and ask questions about. He is a true fix it man. If you ever see the grandmother clock, or coo coo clock in my office they belonged to him. Something about moving parts and how things work has always followed me. I also have always enjoyed precision, something about making something as best you can is fulfilling and somehow essential.

I think back to my first years in art school where there was constant phrase "if you can't make it good make it big, if you can't make it big make it red". It was thrown out as criticism and a joke as well as sometimes advice. I always love when people make things small. That takes courage. All of its flaws and craft are available, it cannot often hide behind scale or anything else for that matter. Anyhow enjoy the video, hopefully it makes you think of how you make things.

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Jeanette Tesmer said...

That has to be the worlds quietest factory. I feel like everyone must whisper to each other all day long.